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Company History

Ever since Owner Ross Timyan founded Crystal Clean Auto Detailing in 2006 as a mobile detailing operation, the organization has been thriving with entrepreneurial ambition. Both the word-of-mouth and marketing efforts have allowed the company to grow its operations to that of over 30 auto dealerships, thousands of retail customers, body shop accounts and an exclusive partnership with the valet operation at the GFI Airport.

When the growth became more apparent in 2008, Crystal Clean made the transition into its first stand-a-lone location off of 28th street with 2 detailing bays and less than 10 employees, one of which being a new addition Chad Cornell who was named the Most Valuable Carwasher in 2011 by Professional Car Washing and Detailing Magazine. Quickly thereafter, in 2009, the company moved into a larger facility off of Broadmoor in Grand Rapids, MI order to accommodate the additional detailing business. The “Vehicle Photography Studio” re-marketing concept was founded at this location and represented a breakthrough with the dealer customers – placing used cars into a studio-like environment, versus the crowded and sometimes weather-affected setting of a car lot, where such photos often are normally taken. The benefits of this competitive advantage from one dealer to the next sparked a generous amount of interest in what Crystal Clean had to offer.

It’s no surprise that with Ross Timyan’s aspirations for setting the new standard within the automotive detailing and reconditioning industry, the company set its sights on a 35,000 Sq. Ft. facility on Eastern Ave in 2010. The risk was certain, but the vision of newly implemented technology standards for digital estimates and online requests via a mobile iOS application, the ‘Mid-Nite Transfer’ pickup and dropoff service, and an improved Vehicle Photography Studio, CCAD was well on its way for promising growth potential. In addition to the detailing facility, the business model expandeded its traditional services by leasing a 60,000 sq. ft. former Steelcase “Employee Sales Building” off of 36th st and starting an Indoor Heated Storage business for cars, boats, RV’s and other vehicles.

Now, in 2012, Crystal Clean Auto Detailing, LLC employs more than 40 people and is able to facilitate the detailing and photography for roughly 75 cars given a 24-hour turn-a-round time. It is considered the only one-stop shop in the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area dedicated for any vehicle’s reconditioning needs. The highly-skilled technicians have the know-how, tools and equipment to expertly complete virutally any interior or exterior cosmetic repair on a vehicle.

At Crystal Clean, our mission is to continuously raise the bar of professionalism and quality customer service. Whether our customers need a professional detail or a cozy place to store their vehicle, we take each step to ensure the best possible service.

Crystal Clean Storage Benefits
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  • In & Out Access Available
  • Storage Heated 55 Degrees
  • Hassle-Free Pickup & Delivery Available
  • On-site Security & Video Surveillance
  • Safe & Secure Location
  • Professional Detailing Services
  • Around the Clock Flexibility
  • Maintenance Package Upgrades
  • Flexible Payment Plans